Not everyone loves going to the dentist. We get it; we might not be everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon. However, we also know it is critical to your oral and overall health to maintain your teeth, so knowing how to tackle dental anxiety is a good idea.

Dental anxiety is a very real issue. Statistics show that millions of adults don’t visit the dentist due to dental anxiety. The dental experts at Highlands Ranch Family Dental want to help. We know how vital it is to have twice-yearly dental exams so we are offering these four tips to tackle dental anxiety. Read on:

Tell us about it

If you have dental anxiety, don’t be afraid to speak up. Try meeting with Dr. Lunn or Chanda Lunn before your exam and speak to him or her about your fears. We understand that our patients might have very real fears and anxieties and we won’t make you feel bad for having them. We want you to take care of your smile and we want to help you not feel so anxious about it. Whatever it takes, we’ll make the effort: Whether it’s explaining what we are doing before it happens, letting you see what instruments or tools we are using or just being supportive. We always offer Nitrous Oxide to help relax our patients.

Don’t come alone

Sometimes, it helps to have a friend or family member come to your dental appointments – especially if you haven’t been in a while and aren’t sure what to expect. Let us know if this will help you; we will try to accommodate your support person – whether they are able to be in the treatment room with you or in the waiting room.

Modifications and options

Not every dental procedure or treatment has to be done exactly the same way. If you have sensitive teeth, a gag reflex or another issue, tell us about it and we can modify and adjust things so you are more comfortable.

Relaxation techniques

For some patients, the sound of a drill can bring on the anxiety. You can use earplugs or noise canceling headphones. Music can help you relax. Some patients like to meditate or do deep breathing techniques., while others use distraction techniques. It might also help your anxiety if you work out a signal with your dentist or hygienist indicating when you need a break (since you can’t always talk). Being able to wave your hand or wiggle your fingers might help ease anxiety because you are in control of your treatment.

Highlands Ranch Family Dental can help with dental anxiety

We are here to help you ease your dental anxiety today! Call us and schedule an appointment.

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