Emergency Dental Items For Your Home

Having a dental emergency is very stressful. The last thing you need to worry about in an emergency situation is where is the gauze, or what should I do. HR Family Dental, your Highlands Ranch family dental office has put together an emergency kit that you should have in the home at all time in case of dental emergency.

What Should I do in a Dental Emergency

When preppers think about all the potential emergencies they need to prepare for, it usually doesn’t occur to them to prepare for dental emergencies. Most people are more worried about earthquakes and hurricanes than about toothaches. But the truth is, a really bad toothache or infection can knock you on your butt. In fact, if left unchecked it can make you extremely ill, even leading to death.

This is why you need to think about the possibility of a dental emergency during a disaster. Here are a few key items you should always have in your home in case of a dental emergency.

  1.  Hydrogen Peroxide – This is an excellent gargling solution that can help clean the teeth and gums. Swishing the peroxide around the mouth after an injury can help disinfect and prevent infection from setting in.
  2. Cotton Balls, Gauze Pads, and Q-tips – These will all be necessary if a tooth extraction has to be performed. They can also be soaked in various medicines and applied to an abscess, cheek, or gum area.
  3. Clove Oil – This is a natural medicine that can be purchased anywhere essential oils are sold. Or you can just buy cloves at the grocery store in the spice section. This potent oil should be applied to a cotton ball which should be placed on the tooth. Don’t swallow it. Place a fresh clove on the area will also work, but it’s best to wrap the cloves in a layer of gauze before applying to the area.
  4. Orajel – This can help reduce tooth pain by quite a bit. However, it’s not a long-term solution. Orajel and similar products an also be used to treat blisters and/or sores inside the mouth. They also make it for babies who are teething.
  5. Nitrile Gloves – You never want to put your bare hands in someone’s mouth, especially if there’s a wound or bleeding. Nitrile gloves are preferable to latex because some people have a latex allergy.
  6. Oil of Oregano – Another natural remedy. If you want, you can store this instead of clove oil, or you can store both. This, too, should be applied to a cotton ball which should be placed on the tooth. Like clove oil, it is a natural antibacterial and can help reduce the infection, something that can make a person extremely ill.

Always remember if you are facing a dental emergency to call the dentist immediately and address the issue. Avoiding dental pain can cause major health issues if left untreated. Schedule today if you are feeling dental pain.