With all of the festivities this time of year, it is easy to let your dental care fall to the sidelines in lieu of football, turkey, and holiday parties. However, having a dental emergency during the holidays can be inconvenient, painful, and get in the way of making great memories. Here are a few tips for keeping your smile and teeth healthy during the most wonderful time of the year:

Don’t ignore dental pain – If you begin to experience dental pain over the holidays, do not hesitate to contact our office. Dental pain can indicate a serious problem that may worsen with time. The best time to call with a dental emergency is the moment you experience discomfort. That way, we can restore your comfort and health in time for your next party.

Be careful what you bite – We eat a lot of unique foods this time of year. Biting into an olive pit or a stone in your black-eyed peas can cause you to fracture a tooth. Be smart when eating, especially when eating foods with pits or that commonly have stones like lentils and beans.

Keep your appointment – Many people get busier than usual toward the end of the year. If you have a regular exam or cleaning scheduled, be sure to keep it so that you can stay healthy. We catch most problems at your routine exams. Early detection and treatment can save you hundreds of dollars.

Practice great home care – Avoid letting that turkey dinner make you fall asleep without brushing. Since we usually eat increased sweets this time of year, be sure to stay on top of daily brushing and flossing so you don’t receive a case of decay or periodontal disease as a gift this year.

Give the gift of health – If you have a friend or family member that is particularly difficult to buy for, consider purchasing the gift of teeth whitening or an electric toothbrush to help keep their smile bright this year.

If you have other tips for keeping your smile healthy over the holidays, stop by our Facebook page and share them!