HR Family Dental is no stranger to treating patients who are in the middle of a dental emergency. We feel very comfortable and confident in emergency scenarios as your leading emergency dentist in Highlands Ranch, CO. We’ve successfully treated a wide range of pressing conditions that can leave a person in severe pain or with a damaged smile, these are our most common emergency dental procedures.

Once the storm settles, we’re here to take care of you. But we also like to give our patients information in order to prevent future emergencies. We’d like to shed a little light on the most common emergency dental procedures performed and what you can do to avoid getting into that emergency situation in the first place.

An emergency never happens at a convenient time. There’s never a “right time” to have a dental emergency because usually it is accompanied by severe pain and the shock of having something you see every day (your teeth) damaged in a way that seems beyond repair. We will preface the information below with the fact that we have successfully treated each and every one of the conditions listed multiple times over.

Most Common Emergency Dental Procedures

  • Knocked-out, broken or cracked teeth — Usually happens because of a contact sport or a fall. Happens a lot when people are messing around on a drunken night, too. We can say wear a mouthguard when you play pick up next time, but it’s a little bit harder to suggest wearing a mouthguard when you happen to partake in too many cocktails. Just be careful out there!
  • Lost fillings — It may not seem like an emergency, losing a filling. But immediate dental attention should be sought after once losing your filling. Your lost filling can lead to pain, infection, and in worst-case scenarios can compromise or corrupt your tooth. If you leave your dentin exposed for too long, then you may have to come back to our office for a root canal.
  • Bleeding and trauma — Again, usually due to sports or a drunken night out. Teeth can become dislodged, gum tissue can become damaged. We’ve seen a kid come in who got trampled playing football, experiencing tooth loss. We were able to successfully treat this poor patient, saving his permanent tooth. Wear mouth guards. If something seems risky, just don’t do it. Trust your intuition. Try to always keep in mind: you have to live with your teeth for the rest of your life.
  • Post Dental Surgery Complications — Sometimes pain can be persistent after a procedure like a root canal or even a tooth extraction. In those cases, we make ourselves available to our patients to give you the comprehensive care that you need.

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