One of the best things about HR Family Dental in Highlands Ranch is walking in the door only to be greeted by Chanda or one of the employees with a great big smile, a sense of belonging and as though you are their one and only patient. Dr. Patient relationships have changed over time and HR Family Dental makes sure that the relationship is always there. Here are a few questions you should ask when finding a new dentist.

Questions You Should Ask When Finding a New Dentist

1. What’s their specialty?

Some dentists only specialize in treating certain conditions or performing certain treatments. Some are experienced in several areas. Dentists can specialize in numerous things, from family dentistry, cosmetics, implants, and orthodontics. Check their work history to see how many times they have performed a certain procedure. If you need a dentist for your kids, make sure they’re kid-friendly. If you’re going to the dentist for something specific, make sure they’re equipped to help you.

2. Do they have payment plans?

Next, to fear and wait time, the cost of your visit is typically one of the most stressful things about it. It might even be the most stressful part. A successful will have payment plan options set up to help you avoid any financial stress related to your visit. Whether cash or insurance, good dentists will allow you to stretch the cost of your care into monthly installments. You should be able to get the care you need and deserve without it becoming a financial burden.

3. Will they teach you prevention?

This is especially important for people who don’t like visiting the dentist. If you don’t want to go into the dentist’s office, you should at least be doing all you can at home to keep your mouth healthy. There are several ways the dentist can teach prevention.

It can be a simple conversation during your visit. It can be books or pamphlets referred to you or given to you while you’re at the office. Some dentists also have a newsletter sent out on a regular basis that covers prevention techniques. Learning prevention will ensure you get the most out of each office visit, keep unwanted problems from arising, and save you money in the long run.

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