Soda Versus Our Teeth (Spoiler Alert – Teeth Lose!)

You already know that soda beverages contain high levels of sugar that can make you gain weight, but there are also other ways that these soft drinks are bad for your teeth. Research reveals that nearly 50 percent of Americans consume soft drinks each day, and the average person consumes approximately three glasses of beverages each day. This means that many individuals, including children, are drinking more than three glasses of soft drinks each day.

Visit a Supermarket

When you are shopping at the supermarket, you should notice how many brands and flavors of soft drinks are available, and the beverages are often sold in large cases. If you watch other shoppers, then you may notice that many of them are loading their shopping carts with bottles, cans, and cases of soft drinks. However, dental health care experts know that these beverages are bad for your teeth in several ways.

Teeth Damage 1: High Levels of Acid

Many soft drinks are highly acidic, and this can lead to dental enamel erosion on the teeth. Dental enamel won’t grow back, so as it erodes, the pulp of the teeth is exposed. This causes infection in the teeth that are often not repairable with a root canal and a dental crown. As a result, you can lose teeth from drinking soft drinks too much.

Teeth Damage 2: Discolorations on the Teeth

If you read the label on soda beverages, then you may notice that the drinks contain artificial food dyes. These food dyes will seep into the enamel on your teeth, causing ugly discolorations that are difficult to remove. When you want to have a beautiful smile, you should avoid drinking soft drinks that can stain your teeth.

Teeth Damage 3: Wasting Your Budget on Soft Drinks

Many families struggle to have enough food for three healthy meals each day, so if you buy soft drinks, then you are wasting your money. Most soft drinks have no nutritional value, but the beverages do contain a lot of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or strange chemicals. Keep track of how much money you spend on soft drinks at the supermarket or in restaurants to help you learn how much money is available to buy nutritious foods and beverages instead.

Teeth Damage 4: A Lack of Fluoride

Most cities add fluoride to the water, and this is a natural substance that improves the strength of the enamel on your teeth. However, if you are drinking three or more soda beverages a day, then you likely aren’t consuming enough water. This leads to a lack of fluoride in your body, and you may have teeth that aren’t strong enough to resist decay from bacteria.

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