Everyone desires a beautiful smile. For most of us, we are not born with perfect teeth. Braces, retainers, fillings and other dental procedures occur as we age. Highlands Ranch Family Dental has three tips to get or keep that beautiful smile.

Three Tips for a Beautiful Smile

  1.  Get Regular Dental Checkups: Having your teeth cleaned regularly offers many benefits not only to your appearance but your health as well.  Some of these benefits include:
    • Prevention of gum disease.  The build-up of plaque can result in gum (periodontal) disease.  Plaque also contains bacteria which can cause inflammation and irritate gums.
    • Maintain good health.  Studies in recent years have linked strokes and heart attacks to gum disease.  Although the correlation between the two isn’t clear, regular teeth cleaning could potentially lessen your risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease.
    • Enjoy a whiter, brighter smile.  Having your teeth cleaned helps remove stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, and other products.  Some medications can also cause teeth to become discolored.
    • Prevent halitosis (bad breath).  No one wants bad breath, which can be caused by gum disease, food lodged in hard-to-reach areas, or poor oral hygiene.  Regular teeth cleaning and dental checkups are the most effective way to ensure you enjoy good oral hygiene.
    • Keep your teeth.  No one wants to lose their teeth, but poor oral hygiene can result in advanced gum disease, which means supporting bone can be destroyed as plaque moves further into the roots of the teeth.  Have your teeth cleaned regularly, and brush/floss thoroughly between cleanings. Regular dental checkups are how your dentist detects any potential problems that you may not even be aware of.  Unless you have pain or an obvious cavity, you may have issues you do not even know about.
  2. Teeth Whitening: HR Family Dental offers teeth whitening. We meet a lot of patients in Highlands Ranch, Colorado with discolored teeth. Our teeth whitening kits can get you a white beautiful smile in just a few weeks. Whitening treatments bought at the drugstore typically come in one size and strength to fit all types of teeth. Unfortunately, when it comes to dental work, every patient has different needs. The whitening trays and strips found at your local drugstore may provide good results on one patient’s teeth while providing another with only a partial whitening. This can result in uneven results, with some teeth appearing perfectly white, while others still show stains.
  3. Filling in imperfections: A little bonding can go a long way. You can fill in imperfections with boding. You can also get a photo op ready smile with ultra-thin veneers. Dr. Lunn in Highlands Ranch does an amazing job with ultra-thin veneers. Ultra-thin veneers are like a mini smile makeover. Next time you visit Dr. Lunn at HR Family Dental, ask about our ultra-thin veneers.

Overall, getting a beautiful smile won’t happen overnight. Maintaining dental health with regular check ups is the first step a beautiful smile.

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