What to Expect When You Get Ultra-Thin Veneers

Ultra-Thin Veneers are the most convenient and least invasive way to get the smile of your dreams in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. At Highlands Ranch Family Dental we take your dental health serious, here are a few what to expect, when you get ultra-thin veneers.

What to expect when you get ultra-thin veneers

we all know veneers are expensive. Plus when you spend that much, what if they don’t look that great? They can wind up looking like Chiclets!

Cheap veneers are simple: you just grind down a large portion of the tooth then do what is called an impression and then get them made by a lab. That requires no skill.

The problem is this: veneers don’t last forever. In 10 years or so when one or two of those veneers start to break off, what are you going to do if there is no tooth structure left to place a new one? It’s a tough spot to be in.

But if you do minimal-prep (which means minimal grinding), then you don’t need to worry about that. There will be plenty of tooth structure left to last you the rest of your life. The solution is Ultra-Thin Veneers. 

You might think that means they are weaker, but, because very little of the tooth is messed with, they are actually much stronger because they are bonded to a big and sturdy tooth.

A large veneer means that there is less tooth. That’s not good and actually less strong. Not to mention they look obviously more on the fake side because they can be too white or too perfect. Sometimes a beautiful, but natural, looking smile is actually more ATTRACTIVE.

You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to be beautiful; TRULY attractive people are generally fairly subtle about it. The masters of dentistry create beauty by adding character in areas that need it and giving a masculine or feminine touch that is entirely artistic.

Grinding down a ton of your tooth and slapping on a Chiclet is not the way to do it. There is such a thing as “no-prep” veneer, but you wind up with a big, bulky veneer because the veneer is always bigger than your natural teeth. “Minimal-prep” is the smartest way to maximize your veneer bond and also save teeth. It gives you the best of both worlds.

It allows the lab to make the perfect shape and size for your veneers that are not too big and bulky. One thing that is great about Ultra-Thin Veneers as well is that, with them, you can retain the natural translucence of the tooth. Making sure the gum line travels around the tooth in a natural way is also really critical.

Our type of veneers fit perfectly under the gum line and won’t cause inflammation or discomfort. Often times, people will think you take really good care of your teeth, had braces in the past and really care about your appearance, which can give you an advantage in business dealings, dating, relationships, etc.