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Get a Whiter Smile For Spring


Graduation season is among us in Highlands Ranch and spring is here. Get a whiter smile this spring by following HR Family Dental tips on how to get a whiter smile. Schedule a whitening today. Nothing says confidence like a bright, radiant smile. Nowadays, there are a variety of ways to make your teeth whiter, whether [...]

Get a Whiter Smile For Spring2020-05-24T19:35:43+00:00

Swollen Gums Around The Tooth


Are you experiencing swollen gums around the tooth in Highlands Ranch, CO? There can be many reasons why. HR Family Dental explains why you may be experiencing swollen gums and how to resolve them. If you have a problem with swollen gums around a tooth, you are probably wondering what caused it and what the proper protocol [...]

Swollen Gums Around The Tooth2020-05-19T22:26:08+00:00

Do You Think You Have a Cavity?


It's probably been a few months since you have had a dental check-up, and maybe you think you have a cavity? HR Family Dental works through the signs that you may have a cavity. If you are experiencing any dental pain, call the office immediately to avoid future or extensive issues with your dental health. [...]

Do You Think You Have a Cavity?2020-05-14T01:35:40+00:00

Safer At Home Elective Dental Guidelines Highlands Ranch


We're excited to start to see patients again and get your dental hygiene in shape. To perform elective dental procedures and dental cleanings to the guidelines set by the CDC and ADA please understand and follow the below procedures. We just wanted to take a few minutes to update you all on what's currently happening [...]

Safer At Home Elective Dental Guidelines Highlands Ranch2020-05-04T02:06:17+00:00

What to Do in a Dental Emergency?


When you are right in the midst of a dental emergency you may not even have the ability to think. Dental emergencies in Highlands Ranch, Colorado can range anywhere from someone slipping in the shower and busting out a tooth, your child getting in a sporting accident or even extreme pain in a tooth. Highlands Ranch [...]

What to Do in a Dental Emergency?2020-03-31T01:07:39+00:00

We’re Here For You


On Tuesday, the CDC & ADA recommended suspending all routine dental care and elective procedures in a continued effort to flatten the curve with regard to the spread of COVID-19. In accordance with that recommendation, I've made the difficult decision to stop all elective dental procedures in our office at this time. Our tentative plan [...]

We’re Here For You2020-03-31T01:04:29+00:00

5 Ways Aging Affects Your Dental Health


Aging Affects Your Dental Health in many ways. Follow Highlands Ranch Family Dental's healthy dental tips in order to keep your teeth and body healthy. Did you know dental health and hygiene becomes increasingly important with every birthday? There is no way to deny that as we age, particularly after we reach our 50’s, that [...]

5 Ways Aging Affects Your Dental Health2020-03-15T21:37:23+00:00

Pro Tip: Take Home Teeth Whitening Gel


When you have regular teeth cleanings with HR Family Dental we always send you home with take-home teeth whitening gel so you get a beautiful smile. Professional at-home teeth whitening kits are those obtained from your dentist which contain a high concentration of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. How to use take-home teeth whitening [...]

Pro Tip: Take Home Teeth Whitening Gel2020-03-09T00:15:53+00:00

Dentures vs Dental Implants for Missing Teeth


Are you missing teeth or unhappy with your smile in Highlands Ranch? If you’re missing teeth and looking to restore beauty and functionality to your smile, your dentist has probably thrown around the words “dentures” and “implants” quite a bit. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to remember the differences in looks, installation, and cost. This guide [...]

Dentures vs Dental Implants for Missing Teeth2020-03-01T22:25:16+00:00

5 Tips For Healthier Gums


Healthy, well-maintained gums provide the foundation for strong adult teeth. Of course, in order to have healthier gums taking care of your gums does more than just maintain stability for your teeth. Good dental care also helps prevent gum disease, which can cause oral health issues and can aggravate heart problems. No matter your age, [...]

5 Tips For Healthier Gums2020-01-27T00:00:59+00:00