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4 Tips to Ease Dental Anxiety


Not everyone loves going to the dentist. We get it; we might not be everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon. However, we also know it is critical to your oral and overall health to maintain your teeth, so knowing how to tackle dental anxiety is a good idea. Dental anxiety is a very real issue. [...]

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7 Tips for Senior Dental Heath


Looking out for a senior loved one’s senior dental health in Highlands Ranch, means not only keeping an eye on their nutritional intake and physical capabilities, but also on their gums and teeth. As we age there are some things that we tend to let fall by the wayside. Dental health seems to be one [...]

7 Tips for Senior Dental Heath2018-11-18T00:17:30+00:00

Why is Dental Hygiene Important?


Dental hygiene is extremely important to your overall health and wellness. When most people think of brushing and flossing, they think about keeping a healthy smile, preventing dental caries and gum disease, and keeping breath fresh and minty. Proper dental hygiene is about more than clean teeth and fresh breath; it is one of the [...]

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Common Dental Problems


There are many common dental problems that our patients face in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Your Highlands Ranch Family Dental has compiled 4 of our most common dental problems for your reference. If you are facing any dental problems call us today 303.346.4495 or click here to schedule an appointment. 4 Common Dental Problems in Highlands Ranch [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Delay a Dental Treatment


When your dentist creates a treatment plan for you, it is extremely important that you follow the plan. If you delay a dental treatment you can have an on slot of dental health issues that could occur. Three Reasons Why You Shouldn't Delay a Dental Treatment  AVOID MAJOR DENTAL WORK:  With regular checkups, your dentist can spot [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Delay a Dental Treatment2018-11-08T21:04:56+00:00

Keep Your Kids Teeth Healthy This Halloween


Don't let this Halloween turn your kid's healthy teeth into a nightmare. Halloween is one of the best nights of the year for young children. They get to dress up as their favorite cartoon character or superhero, and go door to door or attend community events where people give them truckloads of candy just for looking [...]

Keep Your Kids Teeth Healthy This Halloween2018-10-31T02:32:19+00:00

How to Take Care of Your Gums


You wouldn't believe it but, dental gum health can affect your health in many ways. Ensuring that you take care of your gums is very important to your overall well-being. Gum care is something that is often taken for granted by many. In terms of oral care, a lot of people put a higher focus [...]

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Why do Kids Hate to Brush Their Teeth?


We have all been through that before bed fight. Getting kids to bed is an exercise all in itself. Kids hate to brush their teeth. At Highlands Ranch Family Dental we understand the lifelong benefits of starting a good dental habit at a young age. Kids Hate to Brush Their Teeth - More Than Eating [...]

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Reasons for Tooth Sensitivity


Tooth sensitivity is a common problem.  Have you ever felt pain in your teeth as you take a sip of your morning coffee or bite into your favorite ice cream? Or are some teeth more sensitive than others when you brush and floss? Read Highlands Ranch Family Dental's reasons for tooth sensitivity. 5 Reasons for Tooth Sensitivity [...]

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Surprising Foods That are Bad for Your Teeth


Your dental health is just as important as your physical health. Maintaining dental health will ensure not only a beautiful simile for life but also maintaining dental health will keep your body healthy as well. Food is a major culprit of poor dental health, check out Highlands Ranch Family Dental' surprising foods that are bad [...]

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