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Most Common Emergency Dental Procedures


HR Family Dental is no stranger to treating patients who are in the middle of a dental emergency. We feel very comfortable and confident in emergency scenarios as your leading emergency dentist in Highlands Ranch, CO. We’ve successfully treated a wide range of pressing conditions that can leave a person in severe pain or with [...]

Most Common Emergency Dental Procedures2021-05-31T15:27:18+00:00

4 Tips to Ease Dental Anxiety


Not everyone loves going to the dentist. We get it; we might not be everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon. However, we also know it is critical to your oral and overall health to maintain your teeth, so knowing how to tackle dental anxiety is a good idea. Dental anxiety is a very real issue. [...]

4 Tips to Ease Dental Anxiety2021-04-25T15:27:32+00:00

Why is Dental Health Important?


Dental health is really important to your overall health in Highlands Ranch. Choose HR Family Dental to improve your dental health. Why Dental Health is Important Practicing good dental health is important to maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. It will also help your appearance and quality of life. Your dental health team consists [...]

Why is Dental Health Important?2021-04-12T00:41:36+00:00

Great Dental Habits For a Lifetime of Healthy Teeth


Having a beautiful smile isn't the only reason why you should create great dental habits. At HR Family Dental located in the heart of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, we believe that starting great dental habits at a young age, and maintaining them through adulthood, leads to not only a beautiful smile but also a lifetime of healthy [...]

Great Dental Habits For a Lifetime of Healthy Teeth2021-03-22T01:16:31+00:00

Questions You Should Ask When Finding a New Dentist


One of the best things about HR Family Dental in Highlands Ranch is walking in the door only to be greeted by Chanda or one of the employees with a great big smile, a sense of belonging and as though you are their one and only patient. Dr. Patient relationships have changed over time and [...]

Questions You Should Ask When Finding a New Dentist2021-01-18T22:06:39+00:00

Three Tips to Getting a Beautiful Smile


Everyone desires a beautiful smile. For most of us, we are not born with perfect teeth. Braces, retainers, fillings and other dental procedures occur as we age. Highlands Ranch Family Dental has three tips to get or keep that beautiful smile. Three Tips for a Beautiful Smile  Get Regular Dental Checkups: Having your teeth cleaned regularly offers [...]

Three Tips to Getting a Beautiful Smile2021-01-18T21:36:12+00:00

Best Toothpastes for Sensitive Teeth


Tooth sensitivity can be one of the most frustrating things to live with, especially if you can't get through a meal without wincing. From swollen gums to trouble chewing, the tell-tale signs that your teeth need more TLC may seem easy spot and treat with the best toothpastes for sensitive teeth, but the truth is, you [...]

Best Toothpastes for Sensitive Teeth2020-12-14T00:46:47+00:00

Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Holiday Season


With all of the festivities this time of year, it is easy to let your dental care fall to the sidelines in lieu of football, turkey, and holiday parties. However, having a dental emergency during the holidays can be inconvenient, painful, and get in the way of making great memories. Here are a few tips [...]

Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Holiday Season2020-12-07T01:42:27+00:00

Top Questions Highlands Ranch Parents Ask About Their Children’s Teeth


Common Problems with Children's Teeth Why are my child’s baby teeth changing color? The color of normal healthy teeth varies and depends on many factors including genetics. If your child’s teeth start changing color, it is advisable to see your dentist for a proper course of action. Some of the following things could be the [...]

Top Questions Highlands Ranch Parents Ask About Their Children’s Teeth2020-11-21T19:02:44+00:00
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